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INGEN® Products

With many years of market experience at hand, our company and R & D team have perfected the INGEN® retail software by staying one step ahead of technology and consistently keeping product innovation standards at the highest possible level.

INGEN® is a whole family of retail systems that are intelligently integrated for maximum operational results.



SPACEMATE®, our Merchandising system covers the following domains in Category Management:

  • Assortment Management
  • Layout Space Optimization
  • Category Analysis
  • Customerized Planogram Creation
  • Analysis/Reporting on planogram efficiency
  • Automated Maintenance of store specific planograms
  • Store compliance to planogram implementation
  • Change Effort Report and cost estimation for planogram changes

Space Planning

SPACEPLAN®, our Space Planning system gives you the facility to perform:

  • Multi-level Modelling

  • Creation of 4D store floor model

  • Generation of new store plan or remodelling

  • Store Floor Planning and Space Optimization

  • Fixture Asset Management

  • Generation of Assisted Shopping Lists

  • Generation of Picking Lists

  • Product Location

  • Analysis and reporting on Hot Spots, Customer Flows....

Category & Product Ranging

Our RANGEPLAN® system offers the following features:

  • Definition of Product, Category, Department and Store criteria ( socio-economic, geographical, financial etc...)
  • Product and Category Ranging based on rules and criteria selected
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Helping decision process regarding range
  • Definition of Product Value
  • Suggestion on product substitutions for online orders
  • Performance monitoring



Our IEPOS® system proposes a Sales Forecasting model based on:


  • Sales and Forecasts
  • Seasonality factors
  • Calendar events
  • Influence factors
  • Trading profiles (per hour, per day),
  • Promotion Management
  • Reporting & Monitoring

Inventory Management

Our STOCKPLAN® system gives you the facility to perform:


  • Perpetual Inventory and Inventory checks
  • Computer Assisted Ordering
  • DSD Ordering and Deliveries processes
  • Stock Movement Control (Donations, Reclamations, Transfers...)
  • Reduction of wastages and out-of-stocks
  • Use of hand held terminals


PRICEPLAN®, our Pricing System offers the following features :


  • Cost Element Definition and Management
  • Automatic Retail Price calculation based on rules (Cost changes, competitive price, psychological price, margin..)
  • Deal and Allowance Management.
  • Essential Item Basket.
  • Analysis and Reporting.
  • Promotion Planning